Republican who helped pass health overhaul meeting voters

Republican who helped pass health overhaul meeting voters

Hour after hour, the polarization of U.S. politics was laid bare as the former insurance broker was harangued by a crowd of several hundred in the largely Democrat town of Willingboro, northeast of Philadelphia.

The second-term congressman said he expected a hostile audience.

The booing and jeering began as soon as the Pledge of Allegiance ended. At various times, the crowd shouted "liar" as MacArthur answered questions.

One yelled, "we've heard this story". I put my head on her chest and I listened to relax but it's.so if you think that I don't care about health care.it's because. So, before heading home, someone from within the confines of the House of Representatives wanted to frame MacArthur's politics in a more flattering way.

During a five-hour town hall meeting in New Jersey on Wednesday, the congressman became the whipping boy for dozens of furious citizens who were outraged over his decision to advocate for the AHCA. He knew what was coming.

"Twenty-five percent of the USA population is on Medicaid and it's on its way to being a $1 trillion expense", he said, adding that the caps were meant to get states to partner in controlling costs. "I got a whopping 12 percent". "I represent all the Democrats, Republicans and independents of Willingboro", Anderson said.

For almost five hours, MacArthur faced hostile question after hostile question from a crowd eager to show its displeasure with Republicans' Obamacare repeal attempts, the firing of FBI Director James Comey and the lack of an independent commission investigating potential ties between President Trump's campaign and Russian Federation. He authored an amendment that would allow states to get federal waivers to the requirement that insurers charge healthy and sick customers the same premiums. Many told heart-wrenching stories about their medical histories, or those of their loved ones.

The GOP bill would also eliminate the fines President Barack Obama's law imposed on people who don't obtain coverage, erase tax increases in the Affordable Care Act on higher-earning people and the health industry.

MacArthur has been targeted by groups opposed to the ACA's repeal since he first voiced support for the measure.

Another asked about flood insurance, and another about funding for historically black colleges.

Republicans, including MacArthur, have complained that Democrats pushed through the Affordable Care Act on a party-line vote.

"You have been the single greatest threat to my family in the entire world", he bellowed into the microphone, jabbing his finger in MacArthur's direction to cheers and applause.

"I'm asking you guys to have some respect", he pleaded exasperatedly at one point. "You have to decide if you want me to answer your questions".

"I didn't make it personal; I just happen to disagree".

MacArthur insisted the high-risk pools that would be set up by the AHCA are a progressive solution to the problem because they are funded by the broad taxpayer base. Both have pre-existing conditions from birth. Roughly half the room got out of their chairs.

And they weren't happy with their congressman. "They vote on the bill that is in front of them".

"Come on, are you serious?" yelled one constituent. But a handful of conditions and interventions that can follow a sexual assault could have led people who were raped to be excluded from buying policies.

"How did it pass your conscience to allow rape to be considered a preexisting condition?" asked one of the teenagers. The room, becoming rowdy, demanding that the congressman explain whether rape is a pre-existing condition. My wife was diagnosed with cancer when she was 40 years old.

That all changed with the Affordable Care Act. "This is tax cuts for everybody".

New Jersey was one of several dozen states that opted to expand Medicaid under the ACA.

As he reached the fourth hour of the event, the crowds had thinned and the anger and snide remarks subsided. "Ho Ho! Tom MacArthur's got to go!" and "Take our health care, lose your job". "You've really taken a beating tonight", one elderly woman said. I don't get any return phone calls.

She was among the few who stayed into the town hall's final minutes, telling MacArthur she was concerned about the Medicaid population and cuts in the GOP legislation. As people filed back to their cars, just three protesters remained. "Were you able to afford her health bills?" one attendee asked.

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