Would Trump request to end Flynn probe have broken law?

Would Trump request to end Flynn probe have broken law?

"Regardless of the ultimate conclusion of the political storm over Trump's actions on Russian Federation and the security services, it will at the very least linger as a distraction that makes it more hard for the White House to pass pro-growth policies", said Sean Callow, a senior currency strategist. "Today we learnt that former FBI Director James Comey documented his conversations with President Trump in a series of memos".

Fitzgibbons spent several years in Tampa prosecuting cases on behalf of the federal government. "But on the other hand you have to realize that - as with any other sort of criminal law - intent is key, and intent here can be hard to prove".

Republican Jason Chaffetz, chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, sent a letter from the Federal Bureau of Investigation asking for the handover of "all memoranda, notes, summaries and recordings referring or relating to any communications between Comey and the President".

After standing by Donald Trump during the rockiest launch of a presidency in modern times, key Senate Republicans began edging away from him on Tuesday amid new disclosures that he gave top secret intelligence to the Russians, and attempted to tamp down an FBI investigation into his campaign's ties to Russians. He was nominated for the post by President Barack Obama and confirmed by the Senate.

Testifying before Congress is familiar to Comey, a former Justice Department official in the George W. Bush administration. "This is not a truthful or accurate portrayal of the conversation between the President and Mr Comey", the official said.

"It depends on what he said and how he said it", said Edward MacMahon Jr., another criminal defense lawyer. "It just depends on how it's done". "You can't let the critics and the naysers get in the way of your dreams", he said to applause. "If you wanted it stopped because you didn't want to disclose national security information, that's something provided by statute". Comey would also face scrutiny over why he made a decision to keep a log of his conversations with the President that was then leaked at a moment of maximum embarrassment for the White House. CNN's legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin explained why that is so significant.

Even more idiotic is Trump revealing a previous dinner engagement with Comey to NBC News the following day that included discussions on the director keeping his job. Cohen said. "You need somebody else that Trump may have spoken to that provides evidence of intent".

Pence and other senior USA officials have said the firing of Comey on May 9 was unrelated to the FBI's investigation of alleged ties between Russian Federation and Trump's presidential campaign.

In an interview with CBS News' Nancy Cordes, Schiff said there is "mounting concern" about how the Trump administration "appears to be interfering with the Russian Federation investigation". "That's obviously a very powerful piece of evidence".

Defending Trump's actions, officials played down the importance and secrecy of the information, which had been supplied by Israel under an intelligence-sharing agreement, and Trump himself said he had "an absolute right" as president to share "facts pertaining to terrorism" and airline safety with Russian Federation. If Trump did tape the conversation, Toobin noted it could either prove Trump's innocence or guilt and that the tapes should be released to prove more than a "he said, he said" statement.

The FBI's investigation is much broader than just Mr Flynn, and it's possible Mr McCabe was referring to the overall probe, the person said.

But barring recordings, a memo still becomes a case of "he said, she said", said former prosecutor Jonathan Lopez.

The White House turmoil also saw currency traders ditch the dollar against a number of currencies, especially the yen. "He wrote down every word Trump said to him as soon as he could", the friend said.

But Turley said that may not be enough. For an ordinary president, the growing threat of such impeachment-a recent poll, for instance, shows that 48 percent of Americans now support it-might be cause for some concern. The more they try to ignore Trump and act like there's nothing to see here, the more they are becoming the silent players in this drama. In the articles of impeachment against Richard Nixon - which were never taken up by the full House of Representatives - legislators cited obstruction of justice.