Supreme Court Set to Hear Accusations of Wisconsin Gerrymandering

Supreme Court Set to Hear Accusations of Wisconsin Gerrymandering

The issue has torn the court for decades. Arguments would likely be heard in the fall. "No matter which side of the aisle you're on, we should all be able to agree on one thing: as voters in a democracy we should have the right to freely choose our representatives rather than endure a system where politicians manipulate our district lines, dilute our votes, and choose their own constituents".

The Supreme Court had discussed the case at its June 8 and June 15 conferences, according to the court's docket on the case.

Late previous year a lower federal court, splitting 2-1, adopted a modified form of this efficiency gap test and struck down Wisconsin's map. The four liberal Justices dissented.... He said on Monday that Wisconsin's "redistricting process was entirely lawful and constitutional, and the district court should be reversed". The court's ruling could have broad implications for redistricting in states across the nation come 2020.

Sachin Chheda (SAH'-chihn CHAY'-dah) is director of the Fair Elections Project, which organized and launched the lawsuit. If your argument is the maps are unfair, it should only happen once.

"The stay is particularly important because it preserves the Legislature's time, effort, and resources while this case is pending". In an era of deep partisan division, the Supreme Court could soon decide whether the drawing of electoral districts can be too political. He said he doesn't believe the court will rule until possibly the middle of 2018. As a result, CNN analyst and law professor Steve Vladeck adds this case could have "enormous ramifications" for the practice of redistricting - not just in Wisconsin, but in all 50 states. This ruling represented the first time in over three decades that a federal court had declared a map to be an unconstitutional partisan gerrymander. As measured by this "efficiency gap", Republicans can increase the number of the districts they control by stuffing Democratic voters into already Democratic districts. It said it would postpone the question of whether it has jurisdiction "to the hearing of the case on the merits".

The challenge to Wisconsin's legislative lines are different because the challenge revolves around whether district lines can be drawn for a partisan advantage.

The Constitution requires states to redo their political maps to reflect population changes identified in the once-a-decade census.

Attorney General Brad Schimel released the following statement in response.

"We are hopeful that the decision to hear this case will be the first step in addressing the partisan gerrymandering that is now shaping the House of Representatives as well as state legislatures across the country".

The supreme court has been willing to invalidate state electoral maps on the grounds of racial discrimination, as it did on 22 May, when it found Republican legislators in North Carolina had drawn two districts to diminish the statewide political clout of black voters.

This case revolves around redistricting - specifically, district lines in Wisconsin that challengers contend the Republicans unconstitutionally drew to favor themselves.

Voters in Georgia's 6th congressional district head to the polls Tuesday to vote in a special election between Democrat Jon Ossoff and Republican Karen Handel. That weakened African-American voting strength elsewhere in the state, the court said.

"I'm grateful the Supreme Court will hear our case and listen to our stories of how we are harmed", said Wendy Sue Johnson, one of the 12 plaintiffs challenging the Wisconsin State Assembly Districts in Whitford.

Republicans control the U.S. Congress. But the high court could ultimately establish a new limit on the role politics plays into redistricting. For example, in 2012, the Republican party received about 49% of the vote but won 60 of 99 seats in the state assembly.

Trevor Potter, president of the Campaign Legal Center, who has worked on behalf of Republican candidates such as U.S. Sen.

As it now stands in the courts, the groups who control the map-drawing process can help to sustain their dominance and engineer the political agenda.

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