Trump in announcement on Cuba policy unclear about changes he'll make

Trump in announcement on Cuba policy unclear about changes he'll make

In what constitutes a setback in the relations between both countries, President Trump, gave a speech and signed a policy directive titled "National Security Presidential Memorandum", which provides the elimination of private educational "people-to-people" exchanges and greater control over all travelers to Cuba, as well as the prohibition of business, trade and financial transactions between USA companies and certain Cuban companies linked to the Armed Revolutionary Forces and the intelligence and security services, under the alleged objective of depriving us from income.

However, he said, "It is important to note that the Obama administration did not want to enrich or empower the Cuban military either".

"This decision will have limited impact on Cuba's tourism development, yet it will substantially affect the United States economy and American jobs".

"The new measures will attack the only sources of growth that the Cuban economy now has: tourism and the private sector", said Pavel Vidal, a Cuban economist at Pontifical Xaverian University in Colombia.

Similarly, it is not yet clear how the ban on dealings with companies affiliated to the military will work.

The Business Administration Group manages some 50 hotels, chains of shops, construction, communications and distribution firms and the major port of Mariel west of Havana.

It's a policy change President Donald Trump insists will correct what he called a "terrible and misguided deal" by his predecessor.

"I am canceling the last administration's completely one-sided deal with Cuba", Trump told a cheering crowd that included veterans of the failed USA -backed Bay of Pigs invasion of the island in 1961.

But the biggest impact may be felt by Cubans themselves.

"We will strongly restrict American dollars to the (Cuban) military", he said, but he didn't say how.

A group of 55 Cuban businesspeople sent a letter last week to Trump's daughter and adviser, Ivanka, warning against the policy changes. American imperialism's most rapacious layers see a Cuban economic collapse on the horizon and an opportunity to take back their old property without having to give a cut to the Cuban leadership and their associates. The next Summit of the Americas, slated for 2018, could present President Trump with the opportunity to seek partners in pursuing his agenda in the region, but his shift in Cuban policy will likely hinder cooperation and earn him a far less positive reception than Obama received at the last Summit.

"We have gone through everything, our people have gone through everything", he said.

When I responded that no, I was an "Americano" she smiled and said "aqui, todos somos Americanos" which translates as "Here, we are all Americans" - reassuring me that despite the walls we may build between us - whether political or bricks and mortar - all the people of this American Continent, from Canada to California and from Cuba to Colombia are indeed "Americans".

That was a fraction of the four million tourists who visited the island overall. Castro's government has clearly stated it does not intend to change its one-party political system. Having spent the last six decades trying to subvert Fidel Castro's repressive regime - El Comandante is rumored to have survived over 600 assassination attempts, outlasting 11 U.S. presidents when he passed away in 2016, aged 90 - Obama decided that the policy of isolation had not worked.

"Not just for taxis, but for all the private businesses, guest houses and restaurants". Travelers who have purchased tickets or made hotel reservations ahead of the president's announcement on Friday will be allowed to proceed with their trips. No matter how hostile, threatening, or insulting a regime was toward the United States, Obama looked for ways to accommodate them. Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev had one-namely that not one square inch of soil that Soviet communists conquered would be relinquished (NB: most such square inches were).

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