Delta Airlines responds to Ann Coulter's 'unacceptable and unnecessary' tweetstorm

Delta Airlines responds to Ann Coulter's 'unacceptable and unnecessary' tweetstorm

In her weekend tweeting tirade against Delta, the conservative commentator let loose a long string of complaints against the airline after it had the nerve to ask her to change seats on her Saturday flight from LaGuardia Airport in NY to West Palm Beach, Fla.

A spokesman for Delta told International Business Times on Saturday that Coulter was in the same extra room row, although she was given a different seat.

"Suckiest @Delta moved me from my PRE-BOOKED SEAT & gave it to some woman, not elderly, child, or sick".

"Delta may substitute alternate carriers or aircraft, delay or cancel flights, change seat assignments, and alter or omit stopping places shown on the ticket at any time".

In other tweets, Coulter complained about everything from the airline's Wi-Fi service to the time she spent carefully selecting her seat.

If airlines do shuffle passengers around, it's usually for good reason, said George Hobica, founder of

Delta responded in perhaps the ideal way, not riling up Coulter but acknowledging that such abusive behavior is not acceptable.

If Coulter wants her seat guaranteed, she should take sides with liberals and argue for more regulation, not less; and for a stronger consumer-rights lobby, not rules that are written largely by the industry for the industry.

Delta expects mutual civility throughout the entire travel experience.

It all began Saturday afternoon when the conservative launched the first of 32 (and counting!) fiery tweets at the company after she was moved to a more cramped seat than the one she paid for! It added that "your insults about our other customers and employees are unacceptable and unnecessary".

"We will refund Ms. Coulter's $30 for the preferred seat on the exit row that she purchased". Back in April when a doctor was dragged off a Louisville, Ky. -bound United Airlines flight, Coulter shared her own take. Many accused Coulter of being angry because a "brown woman" was put in her pre-booked seat, though the race of the woman who was given Coulter's seat is not clear.

I happen to fly Delta airlines a lot, because I usually fly South and make my connections in Atlanta. She paid $30 for this seat selection.

Coulter then began drudging up old, negative articles about Delta, which is when they chose to hit back in an epic way.