Features, specs, and release date of Motorola's latest smartphone: Moto Z2 Force

Features, specs, and release date of Motorola's latest smartphone: Moto Z2 Force

The much-rumored Moto Z2 Force Edition has officially been announced today. The phone feels nice in the hand; it's sharper non-bezeless design catches our palms for a good grip, and the 5.5-inch ShatterShield screen is nestled away safely and comfortably within this frame. We recommend looking around, as the price is different on each carrier. In addition, the company announced two new Moto Mods: a 360-degree video/still camera and an independently powered mobile game controller. Eligible customers can also get a free Insta-Projector Moto Mod by mail with the purchase of a new Moto Z Force Edition (while supplies last). The 4K capable camera will ship on August 10th, the same day the Moto Z2 Force comes out in the USA, and will cost $299.99 United States dollars.

Reportedly the phone is going to be launched on July 25th in NY, reports TOI. Motorola does state that the battery on the new Moto Z2 Force will be able to last long enough though, due to the software improvements year-over-year and aspects like "Turbo Charging" support. This necessarily means that the display is unbreakable with day-to-day slip outs from our hand. And perhaps best of all, there's no awkward transferring of photos to the phone using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi; the camera is connected using the pins on the Moto Z series rear ports, so files are stored on the phone (or a microSD card) for immediate editing or sharing. You can use these dual rear cameras together to capture higher-quality photos and add blurry backgrounds to your images. However, the 5MP front-facing camera is still a letdown in 2017. It is compatible with the line of add-ons, called Moto Mods, that came out starting a year ago with the original Moto Z. It also includes 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage, with global buyers getting the option of a 6GB/128GB upgrade. The storage is not expandable though. Memory seems to be categorized region wise, with various combinations of RAM and storage; but, for sure, the U.S. model is said to have the most high-end specs of the bunch.

Lenovo Moto Z2 Force will be waterproof and will feature the latest Snapdragon 835 processor, The News Minute reported. At that time, renders claimed that the device would come with a 3.5mm headphone port but then later leaks of renders had showed this wasn't to be the case at all.

The phone runs on Android 7.1.1 Nougat, but it will receive Android O upgrade at the earliest.