Jimmy Carter treated for dehydration in Canada

Jimmy Carter treated for dehydration in Canada

Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter was taken to hospital in the western Canadian city of Winnipeg suffering from dehydration.

Non-profit homebuilding group Habitat for Humanity said on Twitter that Carter, 92, was hospitalized in Winnipeg.

Winnipeg Regional Health Authority spokesperson Anne Bennett told CNN Carter was admitted to St. Boniface Hospital. It left the site, followed by Carter's motorcade, which is now parked outside the emergency doors at St. Boniface Hospital.

"President Carter told us he is OK and is being taken offsite for observation", Habitat said in a statement, noting he had been working in the hot sun.

"President Carter has been working hard all week. He encourages everyone to stay hydrated and keep building", Habitat said in a statement.

A spokesperson for the Habitat for Humanity said all additional updates would be coming from the Carter Center in Atlanta.

Carter was "part of Habitat for Humanity's project to build 150 homes in Canada for the country's sesquicentennial", Metro News reports.

Carter and his wife were planning to help with the work Thursday and Friday.

Thanks to surgery, radiation and a relatively new form of immunotherapy treatment, Carter was declared cancer free in December 2015, and in March 2016, he announced he no longer needs cancer treatment, CNN said. But by December of that year Carter told his church that his latest brain scan showed no sign of the disease.

Earlier in the morning, Carter spoke to the volunteers and media about his involvement with Habitat for Humanity.