Last killer whale calf born at SeaWorld dies

Last killer whale calf born at SeaWorld dies

The Orlando-based company said Kyara had been battling an infection since last week and her cause of death was "likely pneumonia".

Kyara was to be the last orca born in captivity at a SeaWorld park.

"The veterinary team will conduct a full post mortem examination to determine the cause of death".

Kyara was the last orca born in captivity at the park after the company announced it would end its breeding program past year.

Pictures of Kyara swimming alongside her mother Takara went viral in April, when SeaWorld announced the arrival of its last ever captive bred orca.

How was the killer whale calf taken care of? She had been under 24-hour watch and was hand-fed to enhance her nutrition. They grieved by saying that Kyara never got to swim in the ocean.

"Our primary concern was the health of Kyara", claimed SeaWorld.

SeaWorld has already announced that it will no longer be breeding orcas and it will be removing performances by killer whales, after the park was inundated with complaints.

Takara is reported to be doing fine over the weekend along with the rest of the orca pod.

The staff spent the last three days providing critical care for the calf, but her health continued to decline and she died Monday. Her mother, Takara was pregnant when the company announced a year ago that it would end its killer whale breeding program.

SeaWorld faced increasing pressure to end the breeding program and shows following the 2013 documentary Blackfish, which questioned the ethics of keeping killer whales in captivity.

Earlier this year another SeaWorld orca, Tilikum, died of a bacterial infection.

Tilikum, which sired 14 calves over almost 25 years in Orlando, died of bacterial pneumonia in January.