Another Clue About Apple's Next iPhone May Have Just Dropped

Another Clue About Apple's Next iPhone May Have Just Dropped

In this case, the HomePod firmware includes two new code names: D22 and PearlID, which developers Steve Troughton-Smith and Guilherme Rambo believe to be the code names for the next iPhone and the new facial recognition tech respectively. HomePod's code makes mention of the infrared feature under Biometric kit, Touch ID's framework.

Apple itself has appeared to leak two new features for the iPhone 8 - 3D face-scanning tech, and a screen that covers nearly the entire front face of the phone.

Troughton-Smith previously found that the "iPhone 8" will apparently feature some type of infrared face unlock capability in an aptly named BiometricKit and elsewhere.

The iPhone 8 is expected to be unveiled in September and could cost more than $1,000. Rumors about the iPhone's almost borderless screen began to emerge as far back as last June, when The Wall Street Journal reported that Apple had planned an edge-to-edge screen for its 2017 iPhone.

On the basis of this, graphic designer Benjamin Geskin has created images of what the new iPhone (centre) may look like compared to the iPhone 7 (left) and 7+ (right).

The image, a simple blue graphic showing how the screen sits within the phone's body, was unearthed in firmware belonging to Apple's upcoming smart speaker, the HomePod. The report also claimed that the 3D face unlocking feature will be able to unlock the iPhone 8 in just a few hundred milliseconds. Presumably, this would allow Apple to expand the iPhone screen and introduce a bezel-free design, similar to the Samsung Galaxy S8.

These developers have said that Apple's codename for the new face recognition feature is "Pearl ID".

Intrepid developers took that firmware apart to find various details about the Siri speaker itself, but also about the next iPhone.

This matches other supposed leaks and rumors of what the next iPhone will look like, including a hairline-like strip at the top that could house an earpiece speaker and front-facing camera (s), and no home button on the front.