Facebook continues rollout of 'Related Articles' in fight against fake news

Facebook continues rollout of 'Related Articles' in fight against fake news

"We don't want to be and are not the arbiters of the truth", Facebook News Feed integrity product manager Tessa Lyons told TechCrunch.

The company is also working with certain third-party fact checkers in order to carefully examine popular news items on the social media platform.

The move is the latest by Facebook to help curb the spread of fake or inaccurate news across the two-billion member social network.

Facebook on Thursday began offering additional links to news stories as another method to help users discern false news and misinformation.

She added that Facebook would keep testing its "related article" feature and work on other changes to its news feed to cut down on false news.

Now, we will start using updated machine learning to detect more potential hoaxes to send to third-party fact checkers. So we're rolling this out more broadly.

Separately, Facebook also said this week (3 August) it will test a new fact-checking feature on users in the US, France, Germany and the Netherlands.

Facebook has publicly pledged to do more to combat fake news after it was heavily criticised following the United States presidential election past year, when some commentators suggested pro-Donald Trump stories flooding the site may have influenced the result, something founder Mark Zuckerberg strongly hit back against.

Facebook is to double down on its practice of forwarding suspect news item to third-party fact checkers, who will be able to display their own take on events below the dubious article, as it ramps up efforts to tackle 'fake news'.