Tornado turms over cars in Salisbury, Md

Tornado turms over cars in Salisbury, Md

Dramatic video has emerged of the apparent tornado that blew through Salisbury, Md., on Monday around 1:40 p.m.

WBOC has received no reports of any injuries.

A different angle of the storm captured by the same restaurant showed debris falling on top of vehicles in the parking lot.

A likely tornado caused damages and flipped vehicles in Salisbury, Maryland. Winds also caused significant damage to a home on Roger Street.

One piece of evidence they are looking at - surveillance video from Hopper's Tap House in Salisbury, Maryland, shows strong winds bringing down debris and flipping parked cars onto their roofs.

The storms also brought down trees and power lines.

In addition to the downed trees and overturned cars, the storm took down utility poles and damaged several properties.

The National Weather Service has confirmed that an E-F one tornado did in fact touch down when winds reaching 100 to 105 miles per hour.

The National Weather Service has not confirmed whether a funnel hit the area, but residents seem pretty convinced based on the damage.

The NWS had issued a severe thunderstorm warning with the possibility of a tornado for the area prior to the tornado.