Haryana woman slaps army staffer in Delhi, gets arrested

Haryana woman slaps army staffer in Delhi, gets arrested

As per reports, the woman suddenly stopped her auto, got down and slapped the jawan and again walked back towards it.

According to media reports, the jawan had said that Kalra had "suddenly" stopped the auto and she started hitting him.

When the Army driver honked a few times, the FIR claimed, Kalra slowed down and refused to allow the truck to pass.

The army constable who was driving the truck tried to speak to the woman but she allegedly held his collar, slapped him and hurled abuses at him.

Kalra got off from her vehicle and continued to hurl abuses.

Action against the woman, identified as Smriti Kalra, was taken after the video of her slapping the Army men went viral on the social media.

She apparently blamed the constable for being an Army personnel after which he came back to the truck and sat in the driver's seat. "She kept blocking the way as we tried to overtake her vehicle, ' alleged one of the men in the FIR".

On September 9, a woman was caught slapping an Army Jawan on the streets of Delhi. As the army jawans got down from the truck, the woman sped away in her vehicle. However, the Army officer had asked his colleague to do a video recording of the incident.

A background check of the woman has revealed that the 44-year-old had recently separated from her husband as was living with her parents in Gurugram of neighboring state Haryana. The police have registered a case against her and charged her with "causing hurt to deter a public servant", "obstructing and assaulting a public servant on duty" and "wrongful restraint".

Although the incident took place on September 9, the complaint was filed by the Army subedar on September 13 which claimed that the woman had assaulted him when he was travelling in a military truck.