Islands devastated by Hurricane Irma need Marshall Plan, says Sir Richard Branson

Islands devastated by Hurricane Irma need Marshall Plan, says Sir Richard Branson

"St. Thomas and St. John in particular "'took a devastating blow from Hurricane Irma: blew homes out, tore roofs off, breached walls, took out windows", he said.

Virgin founder Richard Branson is picking up the pieces on his private island after Hurricane Irma brought massive devastation to parts of the Caribbean.

At least 37 people were killed in the Caribbean, with 12 dead in Florida, four killed in SC and two in Georgia. "Many of those neighbours are territories of other European Union member states" the Lords said in a statement.

British Virgin Islands was hit hard by Hurricane Irma.

In a release on Sunday. the Prime Minister announced a £32 million relief fund to support the humanitarian effort and the United Kingdom was the first country to arrive on the scene and the United Kingdom government is also doubling all public donations made to the British Red Cross appeal.

The British Virgin Islands' head, Orlando Smith, said they would require long haul assistance from the UK: "We are a flexible people yet this has shaken us to our center".

But some residents say they have seen little help, and some British tourists on other hurricane-hit islands complain that they have remain stranded while other countries have already flown their citizens home. A French military ship was scheduled to arrive Tuesday with materials for temporary housing. St. Martin was said to be 95 per cent destroyed as a result of the storm. Eight of the territory's 11 pharmacies were destroyed, and Guadeloupe was sending medication.

Though there are few cloud-free satellite images of the area so far, a NASA satellite captured natural images of the USA and British Virgin Islands before and after the storm. Dutch news outlets showed the king touring the badly damaged Princess Juliana International Airport, which was named for his grandmother.

French President Emmanuel Macron will visit the upended French island of St Martin on Tuesday.

The "whole government is mobilized" to help, said Interior Minister Gerard Collomb. "Man-made climate change is contributing to increasingly strong hurricanes causing unprecedented damage".

Jose is not now a threat to the U.S.

"You get nothing from the city". The needs included: water, food items, plywood, tarps and cash. "Everything is closed", said Rene Concepcion, who waited for up to three hours to get water.

There were no reported fatalities in Cuba and government officials credited their disaster preparedness and evacuation of more than one million people from flood-prone areas.

"But I think what I have been amazed by so far, is not so much the impact of the storm, as the resilience and community spirit of those people - coming together to put their islands back on their feet and we are here to help", he added.

The sea tempest murdered five individuals in the region and the BVI's chief has requested that the United Kingdom give long haul bolster.