Make Your Google Home Smart Speaker Portable With LOFT Battery Base

Make Your Google Home Smart Speaker Portable With LOFT Battery Base

There's also a new model for the Echo Dot (2nd generation), the Ninety7 DOX.

Large households typically require multiple Google Home units if their owners want to talk to the Assistant from every room in their home, but with LOFT owners won't have to spend more cash on multiple speakers. There's no base for the new Google Home Mini yet but we can expect one someday.

About a year ago, Google unveiled its first AI-powered smart speaker, a device it appropriately named Google Home. It also has the added benefit of making Google's smart speaker look even more like a little Dalek.

First up is the Dox, which will sell for $39.95 (but is launching on sale for $29.95) and adds a rechargeable battery to the Dot that's supposed to let Amazon's tiny speaker run on its own for 10 hours. With LOFT, Google Home can easily be used as a portable Bluetooth speaker. Still, with the smart speaker market heating up amidst competition from the likes of Amazon and Apple, Google is reportedly looking to diversify its smart speaker lineup with the introduction of a more affordable smart speaker that may be called Google Home Mini.

While you can do all sort of things with your Google Home like ask questions, set reminders, control your smart home or play music, the device still has to be plugged in while you do them.

Like the Dox, the Loft makes the Google Home appreciably bigger. Specificially, the Google Home Mini will be available in three colors: Chalk, Charcoal and Coral. The LOFT can be pre-ordered right now for $39.95; its standard pricing is $49.95.

It's believed that Google will officially introduce the Google Home Mini at a special product event scheduled to take place on October 4. If you're as interested as I am, hit the pre-order link below.