The GoPro Fusion VR camera lets you recapture your spherical video

The GoPro Fusion VR camera lets you recapture your spherical video

Aside from being an accolade, users will find the high frame rate helpful whenever they want to slow down footage and show action happening frame-by-frame - this is especially true with the GoPro Hero6's ability to shoot at 1080p and 240fps. It also features "the most advanced video stabilization ever achieved in a GoPro", the company said.

Thanks to a new and custom processor, Hero6 can also shoot slow motion with similar fluidity.

GoPro has announced the Hero6 Black as its latest flagship action camera, and as we predicted and was rumored, it can shoot at 4K resolutions with a silky smooth 60fps. Although they have yet to fully detail the specs it will feature dual, off-set cameras for better stitching, built in stabilization, waterproofed up to 16 feet of water, and can be activated with voice commands. GoPro has suffered in the last two holiday shopping seasons, after Woodman admitted to a poor pricing decision on the Hero 4 in 2015 and the company faced production issues with new products past year.

There are also a bunch of mount updates, while the QuikStories mobile app is created to make it easy to share short videos of your adventures. There, he confirmed how much the GoPro Fusion 360 camera is going to cost and when will customers be able to purchase it. Compatible with most GoPro mounts, the Fusion has all the requisite sensors and radios, like GPS, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth, to create VR footage. Improved dynamic range and low light performance coupled with a download speed that is 3x faster than previous models.GoPro's Hero6 is on shelves today for $499.00. Its six cameras on the device can capture VR and non-VR in 5.2K resolution and comes equipped with 360-degree audio.

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Fusion is priced at $699 and will be shipped in November. After dominating the high-definition camera market, GoPro's profit margins collapsed in 2016, losing $419 million after years making profit.

The GoPro Karma Drone is getting two new features including a long-coveted "Follow" mode, in which the drone homes in on the Karma Controller's Global Positioning System signal and follows the user wherever they go.