US Bans Kaspersky Software

US Bans Kaspersky Software

The department states if there are ties between Kaspersky or any of its workers to the Russian government, it could compromise U.S. National Security. According to Kaspersky, the firm has over 400 million users around the globe.

Kaspersky Lab has repeatedly denied that it has ties to any government and said it would not help a government with cyber espionage.

The US decision to stop using Kaspersky software is an attempt to squeeze a successful Russian company out of the cybersecurity market, meaning that free competition makes sense to Americans only when it serves their interests, political analysts told Radio Sputnik.

After months of calling the company out for its alleged connections to the Russian government, Department of Homeland Security acting secretary Elaine Duke issued a binding operational directive ordering federal civilian agencies to identify and remove Kaspersky Lab software from their network.

On Wednesday, the US Department of Homeland Security ordered all of the country's federal departments and agencies to discontinue the use of Kaspersky Lab products over fears that the firm could have ties to state-sponsored spying programs.

The laws in question are applicable only to telecommunications companies and ISPs, and Kaspersky Lab has never and will never help any government with "cyberespionage or offensive cyber efforts", the company said. The company said: "No credible evidence has been presented publicly by anyone or any organisation as the accusations are based on false allegations and inaccurate assumptions".

Nicholas Weaver, a computer security researcher at the University of California, Berkeley, called the US government decision "prudent"; he had argued for such a step in July. It cites certain Kaspersky officials' ties to Russian intelligence. He told Engel his company has had "zero contact with the offensive agencies in Russian intelligence". "Applaud DHS for heeding my call to remove all Kaspersky products from fed agencies".

During a Senate hearing in May, American security officials including the chiefs of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Central Intelligence Agency were asked if they were comfortable having Kaspersky software running on their organizations' computers.

The hearing before the US House of Representatives Committee on Science, Space, and Technology will take place on 27 September and will also no doubt cover his company's alleged relationship with the Russian government. In the Russian embassy in the USA, the ban on using Kaspersky Anti-Virus was called a continuation of russophobia.

Nonetheless, Congress is considering legislation that would implement a government-wide ban on Kaspersky products.