Denmark: Head of missing journalist found at sea, businessman suspected of murder

Denmark: Head of missing journalist found at sea, businessman suspected of murder

When she failed to return from the interview, her boyfriend reported her missing.

Inventor Madsen, who has been charged with manslaughter, has said Ms Wall died after being accidentally hit by a heavy hatch in the submarine.

Danish police say they have discovered the head and legs of Swedish journalist Kim Wall, who disappeared in August while doing research for a story on self-taught engineer Peter Madsen.

First, Mr. Madsen said that the journalist dropped off unharmed in Copenhagen. The events that transpired while the two were underwater are still unknown but Wall never returned to shore.

The alert of the disappearance of Kim Wall had been given by his companion.

Peter Madsen with his submarine. He has denied allegations that he was in charge of her demise.

Locating Wall's head has been a priority for investigators, as the final autopsy on the torso was not able to establish the cause of death. He claimed the computer hard drive were not his, saying it was accessible to other people in his laboratory. A forensics team will continue to examine the newly discovered body parts and will look for DNA on the clothing.

Madsen was later arrested and held in custody on suspicion of killing Wall. The court ordered him detained for another four months as investigations continued.

Her torso had also been weighed down when it was found, also in Koge Bay.

She reported on gender, popular culture, identity and foreign policy from China, Sri Lanka, Uganda, Haiti, North Korea, India and the Marshall Islands and was published by Harper's Magazine, New York Times, Foreign Policy, Atlantic, TIME, Slate, Vice and Guardian.

Madsen created the UC3 Nautilus with private funding and launched it in May 2008.