Google unveils new phones, speakers to counter Amazon, Apple

Google unveils new phones, speakers to counter Amazon, Apple

Google on Wednesday announced a smaller Google Home device, called Google Home Mini, and a bigger Apple HomePod or Sonos-like speaker, called Google Home Max.

The Google Home Max is a product that launched without many rumors and speculation as Alphabet's subsidiary managed to keep it a secret nearly until its very unveiling and only had the device leaked last week. The fabric seen on the front of the device was described as being "acoustically transparent" and feels extremely soft, seemingly being identical to the material covering the Google Home Mini.

The Google Home Max comes with the Google Assistant support which can identify you even when music is playing at a full volume! This compact device projects 360 degree sound and makes use of far-field microphones.

There are two 4.5-inch woofers, and a gaggle of tweeters behind that - Google says it's "twenty times more powerful" than the original Google Home. It will be available at retailers on October 19th and sell for $49. Another new feature is Broadcasts, which will allow users to broadcast a message on all of the Google Home speakers in a home.

The new feature has been created to make a profile out of your voice's pitch and tone and differentiate it from the rest of the household. Except for its smaller, curvier design and fabric casing, all the functionalities remain similar to that of the Google Home smart speaker.

Google Home is taking rounds on the internet from past few months. The UK is the latest country to get the feature, coming later this year.

Unfortunately, Google is making this a US-exclusive for now.

Its relatively low cost means it'll appeal to a wider audience and it's tempting to pick up more than one to really kick your smart home into gear.

Google Home will also receive integration with the Nest product line, which includes smart thermostats, security cameras and other product series for your home.

Google Home Max takes a diametrically opposite approach to the Home Mini, and is significantly larger while being geared towards better music playback.

But at least now they can whine at the Google device instead of you.