'Star Wars: The Last Jedi': Next Trailer, poster, and tickets

'Star Wars: The Last Jedi': Next Trailer, poster, and tickets

If you intend on watching Star Wars: The Last Jedi in theatres, there's bevy of theatre exclusives to help you decide where and when to watch the latest in the Skywalker saga.

Disney has confirmed that you will be able to buy Star Wars: The Last Jedi Tickets starting Monday.

But on Sunday, after the official account finally confirmed Hamill's leak, the actor wryly referenced his slip-up.

Those shots of Rey swinging Luke's old lightsaber around give me goosebumps, but not as many goosebumps as that shot of Luke's robotic hand reaching for the lightsaber.

Fans who check out The Last Jedi in IMAX at Regal theatres on Saturdays will get an exclusive collectible ticket featuring unique art.

Lucasfilm announced today that the trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi will debut on ESPN's Monday Night Football (Sponsored by corporate synergy!) on Monday, October 9th during halftime of the Minnesota Vikings vs. To coincide with the trailers release, tickets will officially go on sale tomorrow night during Monday Night Football on ESPN.

The movie itself will be released later this year. "Just breathe." The clip ends with Rey handing over Luke his old light saber. Aside from showing off how physical Ridley's character has become, it also gives a further taste of the visual flair that director Rian Johnson is adding to his entry in the franchise.