State Police sends troopers to Puerto Rico to help with recovery

State Police sends troopers to Puerto Rico to help with recovery

North Carolina for Puerto Rico, a group started in the Triangle, has raised more than 100,000 pounds of donations for people affected by Hurricane Maria. They'll be delivered to Puerto Rico this week. "We're grateful for his leadership, for his faith in the efforts that we are doing and of course his continued support for the people of Puerto Rico", he said.

After the Category 5 hurricane made a direct hit on Puerto Rico and ravaged the island for over 30 hours, USA aid has been slow in developing. "Our hope is that Sunday's community relief effort will help provide some comfort to our fellow citizens here and in Puerto Rico".

Traditional Hispanic foods reminded many Florida State Seminoles of home.

"Many of these officers have family, friends and loved ones on the island, making this mission not only an important professional response, but a deeply personal one as they bring their skills, empathy and compassion to those still left suffering in the wake of a devastating hurricane season", the Boston Police Department said.

"They are the ones [helping] down there, so they know what is needed".

Cruz said, "This is what being a police officer is all about, and this is why we're going down there".

"The parts that we're trying to target are the parts that is not metropolitan that normally tends to be left behind and these containers can go directly to them", hospital chaplain Edwin Alicea said. The officers will assist local police by helping to enforce a curfew and perform other security measures. For more information visit their Facebook event page HERE.

PRSA is now in the process of planning for future advocacy and events, and students and staff should be on the lookout for opportunities to lend their support.