Two instructors and a customer killed in 'horrific' scene at Mission Beach

Two instructors and a customer killed in 'horrific' scene at Mission Beach

Three people have died during a skydiving accident over Mission Beach, a popular backpacking area just south of Cairns in Australia.

A spokesman for Queensland Ambulance Service said: "Paramedics attended a skydiving accident on Alexander Drive in Mission Beach at 3.30pm today".

Her parachute became tangled on descent and she crashed into a tree along with her experienced tandem instructor, has reported.

The Cairns Post later reported that the woman was a well-known Mission Beach mother, Kerri Pike, 50, who was tandem skydiving with an instructor when the tragedy took place.

"I don't understand how three people could have died, unless someone was trying to catch them. You could see one chute was tangled and it wasn't opening", he recalled.

"They assessed three patients for critical injuries".

The company said skydiving operations had been suspended at Mission Beach while authorities conduct an extensive investigation.

Police and other agencies remain at the scene, with representatives from The Australian Parachute Federation also sent in from Brisbane to investigate.

Police have not yet released further details of the crash.

The small Queensland town is popular with tourists due to its close proximity to Great Barrier Reef.

The jumpers were not immediately named, but police said the dead men were instructors at Skydive Australia.