Amazon wants you to shop for Black Friday in augmented reality

Amazon wants you to shop for Black Friday in augmented reality

After placing a product in AR, you can move its position or rotate it, and pressing the button with three dots will take you to the full product page for initiating a purchase.

To make your holiday shopping even better, Amazon has come up with a new feature.

You'll see the item overlayed in real space where ever you point your iPhone camera. Amazon AR View, however, is only available for users on iOS 11 with the iPhone 6S or later.

It is not known yet when Amazon will bring the feature to their Android app, but it is more likely than not given their large user base and existing Android investment. If there's an app that has the potential to push AR into the mainstream of online shopping, it's Amazon's.

The feature, which is now in only the iOS Amazon app, allows users to take thousands of items - from toys and games to furniture - and home decor and view them through a smart device in a familiar setting of the home or office. Called AR View, customers can select thousands of items like home decor, electronics, home office products, toys, and games, and place them in their home.

To start using the new feature, tap on the camera icon in the Amazon app and choose the new AR View option. Going forward, we could see more of such shopping concepts based on Google's new ARCore software.