Apple developing a device of augmented reality

Apple developing a device of augmented reality

It is no secret that Apple is now infatuated with augmented reality technology.

Apple are developing a device for augmented reality.

It became known that the new device will have its own display as well as a new operating system.

It's no secret that Apple is bullish on AR and has been working hard on it for the past few years.

A lot of companies think that AR and VR are the technologies of the future, and now Apple has been prompted to ramp up the development on an AR headset of its own. According to Bloomberg, it's based on iOS and will be used to power Apple's upcoming AR headset. As it has done with recent iPhones, Apple plans to design the system-on-a-chip inside its headset. Apple's also reportedly working on a special operating system called "rOS" (short for "reality operating system") for the headset and exploring the idea of a separate app store just for AR apps.

The Apple AR group is now said to be made up of several hundred engineers, and the teams are scattered across offices in both Cupertino and Sunnyvale, California. Apple's iOS 11 includes augmented reality support and a number of developers have already started embracing the technology. With companies like Magic Leap waiting in the wings it makes sense for Apple to indicate its intentions in the space.

The new AR operating system is also dubbed "rOS", much like tvOS is for Apple TV and macOS is for Macs, Bloomberg reported.

Microsoft, of course, is already well ensconced in the AR/VR world, having launched a v1 HoloLens a year ago as a $3,000 Developers Edition, and has talked about a HoloLens version 2, with built-in AI processing, but that device apparently won't ship until 2019.

The in-house chip would have a similar design to what's now in the Apple Watch, which allows for more components in a smaller area. He didn't outright deny the rumours though, instead explaining there are technological issues preventing AR going mainstream this decade.

As promising as an AR headset sounds, it's also important to remember that Apple could scrap such plans at any time. For now, Apple hasn't finalized how users will control the handset and launch apps.

Apple has not yet finalised how users will interact with the headset, Bloomberg reports, though it seems to be exploring three main ways of interactions: Touch, voice (via Siri), and head gestures.