DOOM Now Available For Nintendo Switch Worldwide

DOOM Now Available For Nintendo Switch Worldwide

In that report, it unceremoniously reveals that Hulu will be going live on the Nintendo Switch eShop later today.

The Nintendo Switch receives the full Hulu app, with owners of the hybrid console able to access both its $7.99 service and its $39.99 Hulu with Live TV plan. Hulu on Nintendo Switch is now available for download. In the first eight months of the console-handheld hybrid being out we have gotten some unbelievable Nintendo games, fun indie games, and now streaming services for when you're not in a gaming mood. Helu's release on the Switch might mean other streaming apps might be released for the Switch. That said, there are ways to access the service if you really, really want. With Hulu and Nintendo getting the service out, here's hoping that we see other big services, such as Netflix, Spotify, and HBO (to name a few), join Hulu sooner rather than later.

The Switch has been one of the Nintendo's best selling consoles to date.

For those interested in using the service, you should start seeing the ability to add it to your Switch starting today.

Nintendo Switch - This revolutionary video game system combines the power of a home console with the flexibility of a portable system. Besides, you will be able to watch live TV channels like ESPN, CNN, and FX with Hulu Live TV. Likewise, the Switch now has a larger library of games than when it was first launched, which clearly reflects Nintendo's effort of putting games first. Although the company's largest audience is older Millennials (25-34), the streaming service pulls a higher percentage of young millennial subscribers (18-24) than Netflix and Amazon, and its current strategy seems to be focused on continuing to attract this growing demographic.