Gas prices on the rise in IL

Gas prices on the rise in IL

Drivers in Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky and IL are watching their gas prices rise at an alarming rate with little explanation.

GasBuddy estimates gas prices in IL, mainly around Chicago could soon exceed $3 per gallon.

In addition, the 700,000 barrels per day Explorer Pipeline from the Gulf Coast had a leak last week.

"Oil prices have rebounded in the last week, led higher by geopolitical tensions and declining inventories, leading gasoline prices in some parts of the country to make an unseasonable move higher", said Patrick DeHaan, head of petroleum analysis for GasBuddy.

Kentucky is among five states where motorists are seeing gas prices rise, and they could reach the highest point since 2015, according to an industry analyst.

You will be feeling more pain at the pump soon.

You may have noticed gas prices have been slowly creeping up over the past few weeks and experts say it may be a while before we see that change, especially in Indiana.

However good news is on the horizon as McTeague said what goes up, must come down. The problem of refinery maintenance will still linger, he said.

DeHaan says the fix could be completed in a few days, but that it will still take more maintenance to set it right.

Even then, it will take days for gasoline flows to return to normal.

Recent Indiana Gas Price History Indiana gas prices have been all over the charts in the past few years.

Prices across Regina were, on average, around 109.3 cents per litre.

The issue is also causing gas prices to skyrocket in areas of Canada as well.

Nationally, gas prices decreased 8.9 cents per gallon since September and are 25.0 cent per gallon higher than they were one year ago.

Check out the map below to see gasoline price trends in Indianapolis.