Google Makes Its Secret Files Go App Available for Download

Google Makes Its Secret Files Go App Available for Download

Similar to popular file sharing apps such as Shareit and Xender, Google's app creates your profile to help you send large-sized files with your nearby contacts at a fast pace. OEMs have made it a point to include custom file managers in their ROMs, but with Android 4.4 KitKat, the Documents provider gained basic file management capabilities. Given the popularity of this neat app, Google has expanded the availability of the beta on the Play Store.

One feature which stock Android has always lacked is proper, fleshed-out file manager. The Storage tab is where you will see how much free space is left on your Android device. Importantly, Files Go would spot and remove spam as well as duplicate images to free up storage.

The good news is that the APK for Files Go is available, even though the app was quickly removed from Google Play Store. To send a file, the user needs to ask the friend to open the app and tap on a Receive button. We are not sure of all of the features yet, but we got a glimpse of what is in store thanks to the test release on Google Play.

Files Go is meant to be a smart storage app, as it includes features to remove unwanted items, duplicate files, and more.

The Files Go app has a convenient interface that comes with two tabs - Storage and Files.

Though early speculation was that Files Go was being aimed at emerging markets, we understand it's on track for a global launch, starting in December. The app is no longer available as the program is full. When that day arrives, and if the application is also offered out of the box on future Android devices, we imagine a lot of users will be happy to know they won't need to download a third-party file manager from the Play Store. To help in this situation, Google has introduced an app. Google also set up a new app review procedure to pinpoint violators as early as possible.