Google Pixel 2 Update Improves Battery Life Estimates

Google Pixel 2 Update Improves Battery Life Estimates

For instance, most of us use our phones for consuming multimedia across the weekday and this is likely to cause additional battery drain.

Google uses some new machine learning in order to improve and predict the life of your battery on Google Pixel.

Now, Google is introducing a new on-device model, which the search giant claims analyzes how a phone's battery is used over time.

While everyone was busy feasting on Thanksgiving dinner, Google announced it was rolling out a new feature called "Smart Battery" which aims to provide Pixel users with more accurate battery estimates. Using all these data the built-in model will personalize the prediction for how long exactly the battery will go. When you update to the latest Pixel software, you will see a personalized battery estimate on the "Battery" section under "Settings".

But now with new Smart Battery feature in Pixel will analyse every battery consuming operation on the phone and keep track of the usage over time and predict near-accurate batter life expectancy. There you'll see the percent level of battery remaining and the time duration for which it will support your device.

According to Android Authority, the feature works on the Nexus 6P running Android 8.1 DP.

"Smart battery" is created to give users better estimates on what to expect from their battery through the day, Google said.

It's our number one cause of smartphone anxiety - battery life, and the risk that it might just run out before we expect it to.

To get an assessment of high and low control by the new Smart battery feature, clients can tap on the full-size battery symbol which will then illustrate distinctive user prototype for battery usage. The app also allows you to turn on or off the battery saver, auto-brightness and to display the battery percentage option using a toggle.