Marvel loses creator of Jessica Jones, Miles Morales to DC

Marvel loses creator of Jessica Jones, Miles Morales to DC

Of course, fans are curious about those details yet to be revealed - including when Bendis' runs on his current Marvel books may end, what he's working on for DC Comics and what this means for his creator-owned titles such as Powers, which are published by Marvel's Icon imprint. In addition to creating characters like Miles Morales and Jessica Jones, he presided over a super popular relaunch of the Avengers in 2004 and was the creative force behind several Marvel event series, including Secret Invasion and Age of Ultron.

Marvel has issued a statement to CBR on this morning's surprise news that Brian Michael Bendis has left the publisher after more than 17 years to sign exclusively with DC Comics.

"We are beyond thrilled to welcome Brian Michael Bendis exclusively to the DC Family with a multiyear, multi-faceted deal", DC wrote in a statement on its official twitter account.

From the major changes to the fabric of the Marvel universe to the small character decisions that take them in new directions for years to come, you can bet Bendis has had a say in most of it for this entire century. A Marvel spokesperson thanked Bendis for his tenure with the company and wished him luck with his future projects.

With such deep ties to Marvel, Bendis' move may seem surprising, but the Eisner Award-winning writer confirmed his move in a tweet. What does he have planned for the DC universe - could it be yet another reboot?

In any case, it's rare that a talent so associated with one company makes a leap like this, and this is a huge get for DC Comics. Change is good. Change is healthy.

Interestingly enough, Bendis leaving Marvel follows their "big" Marvel Legacy initiative, and Bendis was also a part of Ike Perlmutter's Marvel Comics Creative Committee, so I wonder what has become of that? I am bursting with ideas and inspiration.