Niantic launching Harry Potter AR game — Wizards Unite

Niantic launching Harry Potter AR game — Wizards Unite

An augmented reality game allowing the Wizarding World of Harry Potter to merge with our humble reality. Here's what you need to know about the upcoming title.

Although TechCrunch is claiming the news to be real, neither Niantic Labs or Warner Bros. It was initially formed as an internal startup within Google, but it later became an independent firm in 2015.

Not much is known about Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, which was revealed today, but it sounds like it has some similar features to Pokémon Go.

Wizards Unite is a new augmented reality game from Niantic (best known for their work on Pokemon Go) and WB Games San Francisco. The eight movies got their own tie-in games from Electronic Arts, while Lego Harry Potter versions from Warner Bros. came later.

There is actually a collection of Pokemon games on mobile now. Harry Potter's magical elements mixing in with the Muggle world is already a theme in the books and movies, so we can expect to see that reappear now in AR form. Interactive made specifically for the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

The success of Pokemon Go basically means developer Niantic can tackle whatever IP they want.

The result? The game might incorporate real-world locations into the in-game experience. Are you still playing Pokemon Go?

That's all the detail we have at the moment, but we will keep you posted when further information is available. The Guardian reports that Harry Potter was rejected by the first literary agent Author J.K. Rowling contacted before being picked up by Christopher Little.

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