Payments via Facebook Messenger now available in the UK

Payments via Facebook Messenger now available in the UK

Whether you're sending someone money for your share of the check, or you're splitting a group gift, payments in Messenger is super convenient.

The service initially launched in the 2015 and has caught on when users want to send payments that would have previously been made with fairly small amounts of money under $50. The functionality of Facebook Messenger P-to-P does not cross borders - a U.K. Messenger user can not send funds to a French recipient and vice versa. According to research by Kenshoo published in December 2016, 53% of French Internet users and 48% of U.K. Internet users had Facebook Messenger. You might also recall that he was previously the head honcho at PayPal. Messenger has also added a falling animation of £££s for some fun, Facebook said. It's those everyday moments we're trying to make a little easier. When you're in a chat with a friend, you will be able to press the blue "plus" symbol and you then select the payments option. Neither Square Cash, Venmo nor Apple Pay Cash are available to British users yet, where consumers are well used to mobile payments in general. The most you can send in a single transaction is £2,500 and there's a rolling 30-day limit of £10,000.

Because the service is not a direct bank-to-bank offering, it is not part of the Faster Payment scheme, which could mean 1-3 days wait before money is in the recipient's account - though, we're assured it is not "simply resting in Facebook's account", Father Ted style. Allowing users to make payments in the main app would give them greater flexibility in arranging to pay for products in Facebook's new Marketplace section that acts as a virtual garage sale similar to Craigslist.

It's a win-win situation: Facebook continues its relentless quest to take over the universe, and you'll eventually get to recklessly blow all your money on shite while you're drunk - without needing to change service.

Yes. Facebook said it does not charge people to transfer money and does not directly handle the money itself.

Facebook says that all debit card credentials are encrypted and protected with bank level security.