Release date, specs and everything you need to know — HTC Vive Focus

Release date, specs and everything you need to know — HTC Vive Focus

HTC announced a VR open platform and toolset called Vive Wave at yesterday's Vive Developer Conference 2017 (VDC2017) in Beijing, China.

HTC appears to be primarily addressing the Chinese market, where they have good market share and expects the headset to find a place even on the classroom, where users would be able to share a social experience in VR.

HTC has unveiled the Vive Focus, its all-in-one VR headset.

HTC's standalone headsets weren't much of a secret really. As previously announced, the Vive Focus runs on a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chip and uses inside-out positional tracking.

HTC is also cancelling its standalone Vive VR headset powered by Daydream today.

It's obviously too early to tell whether HTC has placed the right bet, but from a business standpoint, it makes sense for HTC to go all in on this opportunity. It's unclear why HTC abandoned the Daydream partnership, especially when you consider that the company already finalized the headset design.

In contrast to the United States and other Western markets, HTC Vive has a more stable foothold in China, which explains why HTC is dumping its resources there. The Vive Focus is a head-mounted display equipped with 6 degrees-of-freedom, and world-scale tracking.

More detailed specifications - including its price and release date - have not been detailed as yet. Commenting on which, Alvin Wang Graylin, China Regional President of Vive, HTC, said in a press statement, "As the VR industry leader in China, it is our duty to help reduce market fragmentation and provide content developers with more ways to make money".

HTC has officially pulled the plug on the standalone virtual reality ( VR ) headset the company was set to build with Google.

Where can I buy the HTC Vive Focus?

HTC hasn't detailed pricing or availability yet, but the Vive Focus will be sold initially in China. The headset comes with a single motion controller. Other similar use cases include Second Life-like social platforms, or it can be something as simple as watching movies with friends in a virtual cinema - not an entirely new concept but now you can do so pretty much anywhere you want.