Skyrim VR Bundle Releasing This Month

Skyrim VR Bundle Releasing This Month

As well as Skyrim VR, all of its DLC, the PlayStation Camera and two PlayStation Move controllers, the bundle will include the brand new PSVR model that was first revealed last month. You'll also get an updated version of the PS VR demo disc, that has demos from 13 other PlayStation VR titles.

The VR variant of the widely popular The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, the new title was announced at Sony's E3 2017 press conference in June. From battling ancient dragons to exploring rugged mountains and more, Skyrim®VR brings to life a complete open world for you to experience any way you choose. "So going into this, there were a few things we wanted to make sure we did, which was trying to pass along some of the magic of the PSVR experience through a spot".

In case you haven't already played "Skyrim", or are unfamiliar with the storyline, "Skyrim" follows Dragonborn, who you play as, throughout the game.

If you somehow haven't yet ventured into the snowy world of The Elder Scrolls V, the story returns to Tamriel, which the dragons have appeared in after countless years. You can take a look at the packaging below. It will retail for $449.99 United States dollars and as of this moment, the Skyrim VR PlayStation VR bundle is now available for pre-order! The controllers can also be customised to the player's movement to switch between standard moving options, and the trickier teleportation mechanic that was later added.

While the Skyrim VR bundle may be a right proper deal for people with disposal income and $450 to blow just for the sake of it, I still think VR is a long ways away from being a worthwhile consumer endeavor.

As you probably guessed, this bundle includes the new model PSVR.