Syria civil war: Last major IS town Albu Kamal 'captured'

Syria civil war: Last major IS town Albu Kamal 'captured'

Croft cautioned that USA operations against the terrorist group will continue for some time as ISIS morphs into an insurgent like force that is likely to try to exploit desert areas in Iraq and Syria.

Syrian government forces have captured the town of Abu Kamal located in the Euphrates valley on the border with Iraq, according to an RT Arabic correspondent and local TV. During the battle, Hezbollah forces entered Iraq and the Iraqi Popular Mobilisation Forces crossed into Syria to help capture the town, the commander said.

Syrian state television declared "Albu Kamal is liberated".

IS retains control over some areas of desert and villages nearby, and a few other pockets in both Iraq and Syria.

It has already carried out guerrilla operations in both Iraq and in Syria, and has continued to inspire lone militants to attack civilian targets in the West. Recent reports have revealed that coalition airstrikes have declined by more than 50 percent. The town was one of the last major settlements held by Islamic State terrorists.

According to USA Today, the ISIS previously roamed the cities of Iraq and Syria riding in tanks and presenting themselves as an easy target for US -backed coalition airstrikes. Washington has not spelled out how its military support for the SDF would evolve after Islamic State's defeat.

The victory in al-Bukamal comes hours after the army started storming the city, which was the last IS stronghold in that part of the country near the Iraqi border.

It said the fighting would pave the way for Syrian troops to regain full control of the border town, just hours after they and pro-regime fighters surrounded IS fighters there.