Talk Show Host Wendy Williams Talks About Her Success to Students

Talk Show Host Wendy Williams Talks About Her Success to Students

"It was scary", she said.

After Wendy Williams fainted on live national television Tuesday - saying then it was the result of heat exhaustion - the daytime talk show host is addressing the "scary" episode.

"First of all, I was trending all day - fabulous", Williams said at the beginning of her Wednesday broadcast.

She added: 'People were commenting that I reached up for my head. I don't do stunts like that. "I don't need that".

After claiming she zoned out while she was being briefed, she explained she tried to stick it out until the end of the show as there were "only 12 more minutes" left. Williams said it was important to remember this if you wanted to be successful.

The production team thinks Wendy is in fact in denial about her hubby Kevin Hunter's supposed affair that lasted for years!

She propped herself up on a clear podium and still appeared to be struggling to speak as she announced the winners of the costume contest. No, I don't want to fall. "You can do it, girl'".

Following the incident, reps released a statement confirming that Williams had overheated in her costume and was suffering from dehydration. She then fell dramatically to the ground and the program cut to commercial.

"It was scary", the star confessed.

"It was scary. It was really scary".

In case you missed it, Wendy Williams fainted on-air during Tuesday's filming of The Wendy Williams Show.

The culprit was her drapey, foam constructed costume that contributed to overheating. "I have no headache, no lump on mykk head".

She reassured her fans that she's just fine now, with her blood pressure and heart rate remaining under control all throughout the drama. "Second of all if it's going down it's gotta be as cute as I can make it". But for 10 years, she battles a cocaine addiction ("Drugs were a demon I had to overcome", she said), and later struggled to start a family, suffering a few miscarriages before conceiving son Kevin Hunter Jr, now 17.

Wendy, who is 58, said she was "going through what middle aged women go through, if you know what I mean".