Trump adviser sent email describing 'private conversation' with Russian official

Trump adviser sent email describing 'private conversation' with Russian official

A former foreign policy adviser to President Donald Trump's campaign has told a House committee he had contact with a high-level Russian official while on a trip to Russia a year ago.

The top Democrat on the House intelligence committee isn't saying whether the panel has shared information with the special counsel investigating Russian interference in the 2016 campaign. But last week, Page testified to the House Intelligence Committee that he reported to Trump officials about the trip when he returned.

"In April, [former Trump campaign adviser George Papadopoulos] met with a professor who promised "dirt" on Hillary Clinton from the Russians - have you seen any evidence that this 'dirt, ' that these emails were ever given to the Trump campaign?"

MR. PAGE: There has been - again, great feedback and positive feelings were expressed in public forums and even just reading the newspaper in Russian that there was hope for the future.

Papadopoulos lied to federal investigators about his interactions with a professor he believed had substantive ties to the Kremlin, according to the statement of offense filed with the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia.

After first asserting that he didn't meet with senior Russian officials during the trip, he later acknowledged that he spoke with deputy prime minister Arkady Dvorkovich.

The top Democrat on the House intelligence committee says the United States is "marginally better prepared" to prevent Russian interference in USA elections.

Sessions' testimony before the House Judiciary Committee, which has not been publicly announced, was confirmed by a Justice Department spokesman and two congressional aides.

"He didn't say yes and he didn't say no", the official said, declining to be more specific about Trump's response to Papadopoulos.

"You have them both reporting back to the campaign, you have the campaign deceiving the public about their knowledge of these things", Schiff said."So I hardly think that these are coincidental". The campaign was certainly aware of his connections to Russia because Papadopoulos suggested using them to set up a meeting between Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin at a March 2016 meeting of the foreign policy team with Trump present.

Gordon said he does not recall the email but that he had discouraged Page from going to Moscow.

And Page told the committee about another foreign trip he took during the campaign, a long weekend he spent in Budapest where he said he met with Hungary's ambassador to the United States and other Hungarian officials.

Page characterized his July 2016 trip to Russia as a "private" trip and said his interactions with Russians were largely confined to the "man on the street", Schiff said in a statement Monday night.

The charges are part of Mueller's investigation into alleged Russian efforts to tilt the 2016 election in Trump's favor and potential collusion by Trump associates, allegations that Moscow and the Republican president deny.