US Navy to run rare 3-carrier military exercise in Pacific

US Navy to run rare 3-carrier military exercise in Pacific

Admiral Scott Swift, US Pacific Fleet commander, said: "This exercise in the Western Pacific is a strong testament to the US Pacific Fleet's unique ability and ironclad commitment to the continued security and stability of the region".

The strike group will practice everything from air defence drills, sea surveillance and defensive air combat training, to close-in coordinated manoeuvres and replenishments at sea.

The Roosevelt will join the Bremerton-based USS Nimitz and forward-deployed USS Ronald Reagan in the exercise, which comes as President Trump is traveling in Asia.

The exercise will involve three of the Navy's 11 carriers, and concentrate more aircraft carriers the combined fleets of China and Russian Federation.

The U.S. Navy announced Wednesday that it will commence rare three-carrier strike force exercises in the Western Pacific starting this weekend and coinciding with the final leg of President Donald Trump's Asia tour.

This will be the first time since 2007 that three carrier strike groups operate together in the Western Pacific.

An official from the South Korean military said the strike groups were planning to hold joint military exercises with Japan's Maritime Self-Defense Force on Saturday and Sunday, after which they will train with the South Korean Navy on Monday and Tuesday. The fleet is just as committed to maintaining those security commitments for the next 70 years.

During his recent visit to Seoul, Trump said, " North Korea is not the paradise your grandfather envisioned.

The strike exercise has come up amidst growing tensions on the Korean Peninsula over Pyongyang's nuclear arms and ballistic missile programs. "It is a hell that no person deserves", the CNN reported.

"The request includes an additional $4.0 billion to support urgent missile defeat and defense enhancements to counter the threat from North Korea, $0.7 billion to fix damage to US Navy ships, and $1.2 billion in support of my Administration's South Asia strategy, the letter addressed to the Speaker of the House of Representatives", Paul Ryan Monday.

He said of the North Korean threats to strike the US and its allies, "That would be a fatal miscalculation".

The request would also provide about $1.2 billion for the administration's new Afghanistan and South Asia strategy, which the request says would support the deployment of 3,500 more USA troops to Afghanistan. "And do not try us".