Chinese actress Liu Yifei cast as Disney's Mulan

Chinese actress Liu Yifei cast as Disney's Mulan

The movie's makers are eyeing a 2019 release. The ancient folk tale recounts the story of Hua Mulan, who hid her identity and gender to serve in the Chinese army to spare her aged father and younger brother from fighting.

The studio's emphasis on live-action reboots follows the successes of Maleficent, Cinderella, The Jungle Book, and, most recently, Beauty And The Beast, which is now 2017's biggest box office hit. Initial reactions that followed were just tweet after tweet of excitement from the news. Hollywood films have repeatedly faced criticism over "whitewashing", casting white actors in Asian roles.

Most recently, Scarlett Johansson played a character originally Japanese in the film Ghost in the Shell.

After a year-long worldwide search, the new Mulan has been finally found!

Chinese actress Liu Yifei, also known as Crystal Liu, was picked out of almost one thousand candidates to play the lead role. The role is said to require credible martial arts skills, the ability to speak English and star quality.

Disney's upcoming re-telling won't be Liu's first Hollywood project, though. Besides being fluent in English having spent some years living in NY, the 30-year-old is also one of the most successful actresses of this generation. You may have heard about 2017's "The Chinese Widow", in which she starred alongside Emile Hirsch.

Disney is getting down to business with a new "Mulan."

Yifei is one of China's most popular actresses since breaking out with a series of TV dramas and is fluent in English having lived in NY for part of her childhood and even starred in 2008's "The Forbidden Kingdom" alongside Jackie Chan and Jet Li. Now, the next important question is: Who will play the hunky Captain Li Shang?