Instagram is testing moving Direct messaging to a new app

Instagram is testing moving Direct messaging to a new app

Creators came up with it because they feel that it's hard to have a great private messaging experience in the same app that allows you to publicly broadcast messages.

The Direct app will be available in Israel, Italy, Chile, Portugal, Turkey, and Uruguay starting today both on Android and iOS.

Focused on image sharing, Instagram Direct opens directly to the camera so sharing can be easier than ever before. A swipe down in this pane will reveal a text field with a gradient background in case you just wanna type something up for someone. The Direct messaging system that was upgraded to replicate Snapchat functionality just earlier this year may become a standalone app supposed to offer you a Snapchat like chatting system that won't interfere with the main objective of Instagram. And if you swipe right in the same fashion within Instagram, you'll see the Direct logo and you'll jump into the Direct app. With this version, when users install Direct, the inbox icon (the little airplane in the upper righthand corner) disappears from Instagram and can only be accessed in Direct.

Like its parent company Facebook, moving Direct out of its core app could turn out to be quite successful for Instagram in the long run.

In anticipation of this, the Facebook-owned app has been trialling Shopping on Instagram over the a year ago in the United States, and is planning on rolling out the feature to more countries in 2018.

Snapchat released its Stories feature in October 2013, and since, several apps have copied the feature.

Each bubble represents an account that you follow, and contains every photo and video clip that they've posted to their stories feed within the past day. Never mind others but Facebook itself right now has Messenger as well as WhatsApp and now we have Direct. "We can push the boundaries to create the fastest and most creative space for private sharing when Direct is a camera-first, standalone app", an Instagram Program Manager told The Verge. It looks exactly like Direct does on Instagram already so you shouldn't experience a learning curve here, either.

MailOnline has contacted Instagram for comment.