IPhone Crashing with Apple's 12/2 Notification Bug? Fix it with iOS 11.2

IPhone Crashing with Apple's 12/2 Notification Bug? Fix it with iOS 11.2

Apple earlier today released iOS 11.2, an update that includes a number of welcome new features and important bug fixes.

The most recent beta version of iOS 11.2 was just released yesterday, and a little more than twelve hours later it's rolling out to everyone.

It's the second major Apple software bug this week. We also expect to see a new version of jailbroken iOS 10.0.x rather than one for iOS 11.

Turning off all notification for the apps that incorporates local notifications. If you are affected by the bug, you would have to follow certain steps if you want a seamless iOS 11.2 download. It must be noted that the bug doesn't now seem to affect users running the iOS 11.2 beta.

In iOS 11, if you tap on the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth icons in Control Center, iOS doesn't disable Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. An Apple support document explains that some devices would repeatedly restart on and after December 2, 2017 due to a bug that is related to local notifications. Apple Support recommends disabling notifications for each app and then installing the update and to also to make a backup before you update your device using iCloud or iTunes. However, while it's enabled on the phone, apparently it has not yet been activated on Apple's servers.

Besides the bug fix, iOS 11.2 includes the aforementioned Apple Pay for iMessage for US users, new wallpaper options for iPhone X users, and a handful of other minor improvements.

Closing out the list of new features, HealthKit now supports downhill snow sports. "This was really bad", wrote Reddit user KarlKrum. There is also a bug fix for a problem where the Mail app would continue checking for new messages unnecessarily.

But that patch brought its own issues, breaking file sharing.

Apple iPhones were rebooting themselves over and over Saturday morning.