Over 50 Mayors Sign Pact To Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Over 50 Mayors Sign Pact To Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

This comes after President Donald Trump said in June that the US will pull out of the Paris climate accord.

"Global carbon emissions and global temperatures are still on the rise: 2015 was the warmest year on record until 2016 became the warmest on record", former President Barack Obama, who addressed the mayors who gathered to sign the climate agreement, said.

The American economy's success comes down to environmental policies put in place during the Obama administration, said former President Barack Obama during a speech Tuesday as he jokingly thanked himself.

The former president said that climate change should be an "obsession" for Americans and having a plan to address it, he said, should be a "prerequisite" for anyone running for office. In June, President Trump announced he was withdrawing the US from the non-binding global agreement that aims to reduce carbon emissions worldwide. "And that's a hard position to defend", Obama said, according to The Chicago Tribune.

Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg said that with or without USA participation, the world will continue moving forward towards the Paris goals.

Chicago officials are billing the summit as the first of its kind in the city and Mayor Rahm Emanuel says he's honoured Obama will join.

It has until 2020 to adopt the Paris climate agreement and act in accordance with the objectives of the treaty.

The Chicago agreement includes a committment to reducing carbon emissions, reporting and tracking city emissions, and developing city-specific climate programs and policies, among other pledges. "I'm calling on our businesses, utilities, Public Service Commission and state government to acknowledge the importance of climate change and work with us to plan and invest in solutions".

Former President Barack Obama has lamented the lack of USA leadership in the fight against climate change and without mentioning his successor Donald Trump, who has been dismantling his administration's environmental policies, he said that the country is in a position that is "difficult to defend".

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel told the gathering Tuesday that mayors are stepping up because there's no consensus from national governments.

Obama did not mention President Trump by name, but urged officials in attendance to continue efforts to combat climate change, regardless of the current administration's position. "But we're all in on the Paris protocols". However, Trump was still made guest of honor at Bastille Day celebrations in Paris in July, with Macron saying he hoped to change the American president's mind on the issue.