PM Modi address seven rallies in Gujarat, three rallies today

PM Modi address seven rallies in Gujarat, three rallies today

Addressing a rally in Gujarat's Surendranagar district, PM Modi said the party has a track record of not adhering to decisions taken within its bodies.

Earlier in the day, PM Modi said those opposing the bullet train project should travel on bullock carts. He also listed the kind of employment opportunities the project would provide in Gujarat.

"Imagine how much employment will it generate for the region, for Bharuch". They are going out of the way to discredit the rankings. Bharuch could gain from development around it, he suggested.

"We have a Gujarati saying which means that if there is water in a well, then only it can come in a bucket. Once they are developed, Bharuch is also likely to benefit", he said.

#Bharuch and Kutch are districts with significant Muslim populations. "The youth are not ready to accept the grand old party", PM says.

While referring to Maharashtra Congress secretary Shehzad Poonawalla's comments on the upcoming Congress president election, PM Modi said, " I want to tell this youngster Shehzad- you have done a courageous thing but this is sadly what has always happened in the Congress. Apparently referring to the ongoing religion-related overtones in the campaign, Mr Modi asserted that his gods were the 125 crore people of India and that he was serving them. Read Also: Surendranagar Deputy Commissioner of Income Tax suspended, shifted He accused Congress of packing off all its MLAs to Bangalore when Banaskantha and Surendranagar were submerged, just to "make one man win the Rajya Sabha elections". "They oppose things like bullet train only because they could not take this initiative forward and are envious someone else is", he said.

"In every indicator be it health, education, agriculture the progress of Gujarat under BJP has been better than under previous Congress governments in the state, the PM asserted". I am proud to be a donkey.

Continuing his tirade against the Congress, Mr Modi said: "If one doesn't have democracy in his home (party), how can the person practise it in the country?" and said that the outcome of the election for the top post in the Congress was a foregone conclusion.