Terror plot to assassinate UK Prime Minister foiled by police, reports say

Terror plot to assassinate UK Prime Minister foiled by police, reports say

In the Metropolitan police on Tuesday announced that 20-year-old resident of the British capital to Nayaru Zakaria Rahman and 21-year-old Birmingham resident Mohammed Imran Akiba charged with preparing a terrorist attack.

Details of the assassination plot were reportedly given to the Cabinet on Tuesday by head of MI5 Andrew Parker in a briefing in which he revealed that a total of nine Islamist terrorist plots have been thwarted in the United Kingdom over the past year.

Parker told ministers that United Kingdom authorities had broken up nine potential terrorist attacks over the past year. He said he was of no fixed abode and said his nationality was "Bangladeshi British".

A man has appeared in court accused of plotting to assassinate the Prime Minister in a bomb and knife attack on Downing Street.

"The secondary attack was to be carried out with a suicide vest, pepper spray and a knife", he told the court. His alleged accomplice, Mohammed Aqib Imran, who is accused of trying to join the Islamic State group but was not charged in the assassination plot, also pled not guilty, according to the Sun in London. Imran said he was "Pakistani British".

They have been charged with preparation of terrorist acts and are both due to appear in court in Westminster on Wednesday, the Met said.

A weeks-long investigation into the case culminated last week with the arrests of two men on charges of preparing acts of terrorism, according to the report.

Security officials believe the alleged Islamist plot is the ninth to have been thwarted since March this year.

No. 10 Downing Street is the official residence of British prime ministers.

In 1991, the IRA launched a homemade mortar bomb attack on Number 10 and the device landed in the back garden. The then prime minister, John Major, was inside but was not hurt.