The Soul Still Burns! Soul Calibur VI Officially Confirmed for 2018

The Soul Still Burns! Soul Calibur VI Officially Confirmed for 2018

Soulcalibur 6 is finally happening.

Intense 1 v 1 fighting gameplay, a range of different characters, and vastly different weapon types makes for a grand experience in every Soul Calibur title.

Unreal Engine - For the first time in franchise history, lovely and jaw-dropping 3D character models, visual effects and stages rendered in Unreal Engine.

Soul Calibur IV will be releasing for PS4, Xbox, and Steam. Our arena was our playground and there was no better time to do so as players created their characters, customized their characters, and even their fighting styles.

The trailer provides a first look at the game which will continue to focus on 3D weapons-based fighting. Fights will be faster at higher-speeds that feature all-new battle mechanics taking gameplay to "the next level". The latest entry maintains some of the classic elements while introducing new systems like Reversal Edge, and you can see the debut trailer below. So, it came as a bit of surprise tonight when Bandai Namco announced the release of a sequel at The Game Awards.

Other details outlined by Bandai Namco include a new move called Reversal Edge which lets players counter their opponents in a clash-for-clash attack.

There's a lot we don't know about this new installment but we'll be receiving more information as we get closer to E3 in June 2018.