Bills fans continue to flood Andy Dalton's charity with donations

Bills fans continue to flood Andy Dalton's charity with donations

They will tell you that cheering provides a welcome distraction from the struggles of everyday life and also creates a sense of community in an often isolated world. While the Bills' long streak of playoff futility is over, the Bengals' streak continues. It felt great to be a Jays fan, or to become one.

Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton completed a 49-yard touchdown pass to wide receiver Tyler Boyd to put the Bengals up for good with under a minute remaining in their game against the Baltimore Ravens. Dalton's foundation helps children who have suffered with serious illnesses and physical challenges. On behalf of this team, the people of the City of Buffalo, and Bills fans around the world, thank you.

There also was a raucous scene in the Bills' locker room after a win over Miami when they saw Dalton's touchdown pass.

Dalton said that as of Thursday morning, Bills fans have donated almost $300,000 to his charity, the Andy & Jordan Dalton Foundation.

The 49-yard play allowed Buffalo to clinch its first National Football League playoff berth in 17 years.

"This has been just so awesome to see just how supportive people are, how much people are blessing us with these donations". The same can be said for the positive use of social media, too often the domain of bullies and trolls. The team made the announcement on Twitter Thursday and said the gesture is for a "TON of thank you's from Buffalo". "The impact it's going to make is gonna be huge".