Razer's new Project Linda is a phone-laptop hybrid

Razer's new Project Linda is a phone-laptop hybrid

In fact, the core of Project Linda is actually the Razer Phone that the company released past year and merged it into a laptop shell. Making its debut through the event this week, the company has brought forward a brand-new concept laptop called Project Linda. The mobile device supports refresh rates up to 120 Hz and a Quad HD display.

Once docked, the phone will use its Snapdragon 835 chipset and 8GB of RAM to provide a smooth Android experience (with some custom keyboard shortcuts for faster navigation).

In other words, Project Linda is a laptop powered by Razer Phone but that is not its only role in the package. Although Razer says it's going to optimise audio output when docked, it already sounds pretty solid as a means of delivering laptop-quality sound. There is also the option to hook up a mouse, which could give you an edge when it comes to some Android games. The docked phone serves as an intelligent touchpad, bridging the gap between handheld entertainment and laptop convenience.

Most apps run in tablet mode and will certainly take some optimizing but the main goal of Project Linda is to extend the gaming aspect from the phone to a bigger screen. It is a notebook that is able to accommodate the Razer Phone and allows you to improve your productivity and workflow with the phone docked into an empty station that is present in the notebook itself. It has a full chiclet keyboard, with some of the function keys being more suited for the Android interface, since it is actually a customized Android interface on a larger display here.

Unlike the two stolen prototypes from CES 2017, Project Linda is a dumb device. The Razer Phone goes right up front and is installed where the trackpad would normally be on a laptop. The device is clearly aimed at the massively popular smartphone gaming market, and aligns with Razer's coin-based microtransaction business, especially in regions like China that embrace both mobile and browser-based gaming.